"Glynn is a tunesmith at the top of his game. His songs have a deepening resonance." - Steve Morse, The Boston Globe 
"I always like a good songwriter. Call me biased, but if you don’t have a good song to start out with, it’s like trying to construct a house on coffee grounds. You have to have a strong foundation to build on.  Some musicians master a certain genre; some acquire extraordinary technique on their chosen instrument. Others are just solid songwriters, and Mr. Glynn is one of those cats. " - Daisy Riprock,  Austin Daze
"As the music begins, some people in the audience seem familiar with the songs, others seem to be newcomers, but all share one thing in common: they are listening very closely, reacting as much to the lyrics as the instrumentation. The Kendall has a way of taking on different personalities depending on who is playing there. It is at times a cafe, at times a bar, and at times a club, but when Tom Glynn plays there, it is most definitely a cafe. Glynn's songwriting, which won him the John Lennon Songwriting Competition several years ago, is worthy of such attention. His lyrics can be passionate or distant, bitter or lighthearted, but they always seem to ring true. The crowds that have been attending his recent Kendall shows are a varied bunch, but all have found lyrics to identify with, words that move them." - Dan Pashman, Weekly Dig

"It's a validation of what I'm doing," Glynn says. "I was surprised to hear from them (The John Lennon Songwriting Contest) because you don't really think too much about it after sending it off, but it sure makes you think you must be doing something right."  Glynn has also been nominated for "Outstanding Songwriter" by the Boston Music Awards. "I think that melody is too often missing these days," Glynn says. "There's something to be said about not being overly obscure. We do try to tap into a more mainstream and accessible sound. Accessible is not a dirty word. We want to build an audience, and the way you do that is to write good songs. It's that simple." - Ken Capobianco, Billboard Magazine