“I wanted this album to focus on finger-picked acoustic guitar as a sort of canvas for the songs themselves," says Tom Glynn, a winner in the first John Lennon Songwriting Contest, about his 2023 album Skylight Intervention. "For many of these tracks, I then bring in some simple accompaniment with other instruments after the first chorus to add some new colors but kept the arrangements very minimal to keep the acoustic guitar as the focal point. I play all the instruments on the album. 

“I write the music and melody first for each song,” explains Glynn, whose music has been featured on ABC, Fox, Showtime, and as the opening theme for a Lifetime TV movie. “I initially like to let the emotion and imagery of the music suggest where it wants me to go lyrically. Once I get the feel of the music, it’s a process of contemplation and discovery as the words unfold. The main thing for which I’m searching when writing music is an element of surprise - fresh chord changes and corresponding melodic phrases that my ear wants to hear. It’s what excites me and moves me to write.” 

A pianist and guitarist since the age of 10, Glynn started writing songs in his late teens and fronted a popular club band in Boston called 5-0 throughout his twenties. His heart, however, was always with great singer-songwriters like James Taylor, Joni Mitchell, Shawn Colvin, and David Wilcox. "I began to focus on writing songs that were more introspective and personal to me as well as performing live as a solo acoustic artist." 

A Boston Music Awards nominee for Most Outstanding Songwriter who performed regularly in NYC at respected venues like The Living Room and Rockwood Music Hall, Glynn relocated to Nashville seven years ago. “The biggest compliment to me is when someone tells me my music helped them get through a difficult time or helped them in some way.”